Let's build together

Who we are

EarnBetter is on a mission to improve the incomes of everyday Americans. Our vision is a world in which everyone - regardless of income, credit, education or any other factor - has free access to high-quality, personalized income guidance. We are a team of mission-driven Credit Karma and Stanford alum who are backed by top-tier VCs and angels, including a16z and Abstract Ventures.

Our values

  • Trust is our bedrock. Trust supports our relationship with consumers, with our financial institution partners and with our teammates. Everything we do needs to be in service of building that trust. We will always make recommendations that we believe are in the best interest of the consumers that we work with.  
  • It’s all about the impact. This is why we started EarnBetter - to drive significant, positive change in people’s lives. This is what motivates us today and everyday.  We take pride in doing meaningful work. And, we recognize that our taking ownership and action is ultimately what will result in impact. We are doers.      
  • Think big, start small. Small changes compounded over time can produce really big results. We believe that life is a journey, and every day we have an opportunity to grow, explore and evolve. We believe that we can always be a little bit better - ourselves, our team, our product, our company. By making ourselves a little bit better everyday, we can create extraordinary change over time that leads to magical results for those we serve.

How we work

We are a mission-driven team, focused on creating impact. As a startup, we’re focused on speed and believe that “done” is generally better than “perfect”. We trust and empower our teammates to do great work, and then get out of their way. We believe that startups are a team sport, and work to foster a highly collaborative environment. We generally prefer hybrid work arrangements, using time together to collaborate and innovate while using time apart to get things done (and spend less time commuting).

Current Open Roles

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